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70s Heavy Blues Rock

Berlin, Germany

Label: Noisolution

After just the first couple of notes it should be pretty clear what we’re dealing with here: The heaviest side of 70s rock. Blues rock mixed with proto metal, heavy and dark to the core only to have lighter moments with mellow 70s vocals peeking through here and there ... This selftitled debut is not just another retro album though. This is a band with a unique tinge around the edges – bits and pieces of the old and the new put together to a distinct and recognizable sound. No dreamy flowerchild vibes here, just rock. Rough and coarse. Just like it used to be. Influences from scandinavian retro rock bands, the Detroit music scene and 90s Seattle are hard to miss. VUG needed the past years to evolve and to grow. Not to forget that breaks were also hard to avoid. That is because no one other than US-heavy outfit ELDERs Nick DiSalvo sits behind the drums, who is constantly going back and forth between the two bands and continents. So yes: VUG wasn‘t off for the easiest of starts but now it’s time to go full speed.

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01.05.20 - DE Berlin Desertfest