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Heavy Metal | Hard Rock

Stockholm, Sweden

Label: High Roller Records

Following the renaming of Black Trip to VOJD in early 2017 and the associated announcements by the men around enforcer guitarist Joseph Toll and ex-entombed guitarist Peter Stjärnvind on a new album, following the 7 "single Behind The Frame ( December 2017), with The Outer Ocean the highly interesting first full-length of the band. The unofficial sequel to Shadowline (2015) and Goin 'Under (2013) will be released on High Roller Records in February 2018. Musically, a lot has changed since the name change, but the basic idea of ​​Black Trip remains in VOJD. The sound of the four Swedes still has a foundation of fast Heavy Metal with Hard Rock influences. As a reason for the name change, the band itself states that they want to experiment more in the future.These experiments can best be found in the form of Classic Rock on The Outer Ocean. 

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05.03.21 - DE  Oldenburg MTS 

06.03.21 - DE  Kassel Goldgrube

07.03.21 - DE  Berlin Badehaus

08.03.21 - DE  Leipzig Black Label

09.03.21 - DE  Dresden Chemiefabrik

10.03.21 - DE  Weinheim Cafe Central

11.03.21 - DE  Osnabrück Bastard Club

12.03.21 - NL  Uden De Pul

13.03.21 - DE  Hamburg Monkeys