Punk-fueled Heavy Rock

Den Haag, Netherlands

Splinter signifies the new wave of punk-fueled rock ‘n’ roll – both in style and in energy. The band was formed on the ashes of Dutch punk-psych-rock formations Death Alley, Birth of Joy, and Vanderbuyst. Within days after the disbanding of Death Alley early 2019, singer Douwe Truijens moved in with Sander Bus (Death Alley) to start working on a new, fresh, high-energy band, involving drummer Barry van Esbroek (Vanderbuyst). Just like the other three guys, organ player Gertjan Gutman (Birth of Joy) felt the urge to rapidly capture the free-floating energy and inspiration that was released after the farewell of his old band. With the Hammond organ in the room, the Splinter sound was complete and no later than five weeks after the first session with the full formation, the band hit the studio. 


Splinter released two singles in the run-up to their debut show: a sold-out gig at the Last Night On Earthin Amsterdam. 

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Upcoming Shows

17.07.20 - DE  Karlstadt U&D Festival

07.08.20 - DE  Wollmerschied Tropen Tango Festival