Heavy Rock

Gothenburg, Sweden

Label: Universal Music

Spiders weave a wild web of reckless and rip-roaring riffs, spellbinding vocals, seductive rhythms, sticky hooks, and punk soul. The quartet—Ann-Sofie Hoyles [vocals], John Hoyles [guitar], Olle Griphammar [bass], and Ricard Harryson [drums]—crawled out of their native Gothenburg, Sweden rocking leather and turned up to eleven with the 2012 full length-debut Flash Point. Between a marathon of shows, they unleashed 2014’s Shake Electric powered by the title track. A marathon of touring followed as they ignited audiences alongside everyone from Kvelertak and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats to Graveyard and Metallica. Now, Spiders’ 2018 third offering, Killer Machine, sees them tread new territory once again, while preserving their sonic signatures… “If Alice Cooper got married to Stevie Nicks, their child would be Killer Machine,” smiles AnnSofie. “That’s the vibe we wanted. The old influences are in there, but it’s a little darker. If Shake Electric was gold and sparkling, this is more black.” Taking a six-month break from the road, the group devoted more time than ever to writing and recording. In 2017, they entered the legendary Music A Matic Studio in Gothenburg with iconic guitarist and producer Chips Kiesbye [The Hellacopters, Graveyard]. Utilizing a bevy of vintage gear and equipment, they unlocked their punky side like never before. “With all of that touring, we had more confidence and a punk vibe in the studio,” affirms John. “We just went for it.” “We didn’t think as much,” adds Ann-Sofie. “We can work better together, because we’ve known each other for so many years. We’ve learned about ourselves, so we can really communicate who we are.” That identity defines the record’s debut single “Dead Or Alive.” 

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Upcoming Shows

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13.05.20 - DE  Osnabrück Bastard Club

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15.05.20 - DE  Lohr Umsonst & DrinnenDraußen

26.04.20 - DE  Lünen Rock Hard Warm Up

11.06.20 - DK  Copenhagen Lygtens Kro

12.06.20 - DE  Secret Festival 

13.06.20 - DE  Moormerland JuKuz Phönix