Heavy Prog Rock

Potsdam, Germany

Label: Noisolution

Having started as a crooked Stoner Rock band some time ago, the band with the bulky name is not as clumsy as one would expect.

Even if the quartet with organ sprays 70s vibes all over and not only the band’s name indulges in the desert, the tricky ensemble doesn't want to fit in quite anywhere. With a pinch of rock drama, the penchant for fuzz and fearless excursions into distant genres, you never really know where to end up at the end of the song - or you do because of that! Jazzy harmonies on sturdy doom rock, unexpected rhythms and ecstatic psych. Hard breaks, soft returns. Gladly with brains, but not top-heavy.

After the powerful, sixty-minute debut BUNCH OF BISONS (2011) caught the eye internationally, their second release MILD THING (2017) - both under the name of Stonehenge - became more mature, more balanced and fluffier somehow.

The third album should come up with some surprises - oh how exciting!

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