Heavy Rock

Gothenborg, Sweden

Label: The Sign Records

Hypnos has, since the start, had their feet in the wave of retro rock drawing inspiration from heavy metals infancy during the 70’s and 80’s. Since 2013 some changes in the line up has been made. These have brought new energy, new ideas and broadened their horizons. Resulting in a very competent band with distinct roots and a distinguishable yet ever changing sound that always produces strong and lively performances. The band loves writing and recording new material but their true love will always be the stage.

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Upcoming Shows

15.05.20 - DE  Hamburg Bambi Galore

16.05.20 - DE  Lohr Umsont & DrinnenDraußen

17.05.20 - DE  München Backstage

18.05.20 - DE  Dresden Chemiefabrik

19.05.20 - DE  Leipzig Black Label

20.05.20 - DE  Erfurt  Tiko

21.05.20 - DE  Berlin Cassiopeia The Sign Records Festival

22.05.20 - DE  Frankfurt (M) Das Bett The Sign Records Festival 

23.05.20 - DE  Dortmund Junkyard The Sign Records Festival 

02.07.20 - DE  Bremen Lila Eule

03.07.20 - DE  Münster Rare Guitar

04.07.20 - DE  Sailauf Tsukahara Festival