High Energy Rock`n`Roll

Gothenburg, Sweden

Label: High Roler Records

Energy energy energy, soul full vocals and electric guitars. That’s how you describe Deadheads in a short sentence. This four piece band is keeping rock n roll alive

since late 2012. Delivering high class, speed full rock with toured in several parts of

Europe, played together with bands like Turbonegro, Imperial State Electric,

Datsuns, Monster Magnet and Supersuckers. Besides from s7 ́inch singles releases

and re-releases, Deadheads has recorded their third album: This one goes to 11, it

was released on HRR the 26th of january 2018. Full speed ahead!

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Upcoming Shows

30.08.19 - DE Oldenburg Stadtfest

31.08.19 - DE Oldenburg Stadtfest

30.10.19 - DE Joldelund Riff Rock Night

31.10.19 - DE Hamburg MS Stubnitz

01.11.19 - DE Berlin Electric Avenue Music Festival

02.11.19 - DE Erfurt Tiko