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Berlin, Germany

With their first album, “Moonshine Over Jet Black Skies“, rock band D’Angerous demonstrate the undeniable power of great rock music. Songs like “Rule The World“ and “Let’s Hit The Lights Out“, remind us that believing in your own vision is more important than hype. 

Released on all major platforms in the summer of 2018 as the first single, the explosive “Rule The World“, combines the band’s roots in both traditional and modern hard rock. Its intoxicating and heady melody is both precise and nonchalant. Lines like “Escape the mass, escape the line, so fucking special that you leave yourself behind“, feel like an invitation to do something you know you shouldn’t.

“Rule The World“ reached over 200,000 plays on Spotify in record time and the video blew up with amazing and positive feedback flooding in. All of this with no marketing, no tour and no album release. Nobody even knew who this band D’Angerous was. Behind great music, there’s usually a great story, and D’Angerous’s story is one of friendship, which started back in 2004. Back then, guitarists Olli Wong and Jens Freudenberg were in a band called Gods of Blitz. They released 3 albums, did several tours and played some big festivals, as well as gigs with Wolfmother and other great names. Following the band’s split, Wong and Freudenberg stayed in touch, and it was only going to be a matter of time before they started something new. Freudenberg began playing music with drummer Tilo Hustan, who’d previously played with Earthbend, and who Freudenberg had met at a few Gods of Blitz gigs. At some point during this time, Freudenberg also switched to a 6-string bass and began playing it in the style of a guitar, giving him a distinctive dark and hard sound. Freudenberg had smelt new blood and called his old friend Olli Wong - and so it slowly started. “The motivation to make music together was always there. We had an idea of how it could sound, and we wanted to pursue it regardless of how much time it would take, or how successful it would be,” said Wong. The only thing missing was a singer.

The band worked hard, wrote loads of songs and, finally, through a recommendation from a Berlin-based American band, Carl O’Sullivan entered D’Angerous’ lives.

The New Zealander arrived in Berlin with a band that had since split. He was exactly the right man at the right time. At the band’s first meeting, O’Sullivan spontaneously started singing on the then early versions of the D’Angerous demos. “I thought, who is this guy who can do everything,” remembers Wong. It was a match made in heaven. With the band now complete, over the next 3 years, D’Angerous began to hone their style. They put together 40 songs, which sound-designer and producer, Chriz Falk (Jennifer Rostock, Marteria, plus others.), helped further develop. It was a discovery process, which resulted in a record deal from Vertigo, and 11 songs which were later to become ”Moonshine Over Jet Black Skies”. “No one was waiting for us, so we took the time it needed to make the music” said Freudenberg.


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