Heavy Rock

Hastings, United Kingdom

Label: Riseabove Records

Initially starting life as a hard-rock covers band, the Shovell rapidly replaced the incessant riffing of numerous golden-age hits (and misses) with their own tunes, heavily influenced by whatever was on the turntable at the time (Bang, Buffalo, Groundhogs, Sir Lord Baltimore, Crushed Butler and Hard Stuff provide a brief insight of what to expect). Signing to Lee Dorrian’s (him of Napalm Death and Cathedral fame) Rise Above Records in 2010 for an initial single, but sticking around (like a bad smell) for a handful of albums, the Shovell have become an unavoidable presence at festivals, both large and small (Desertfest, Roadburn, Freak Valley and Hard Rock Hell for starters), as well as support slots a-plenty.

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