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Rock`n`Roll Speedball

Gothenburg, Sweden

Acid's Trip was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in the late 2018 by Acid (ex-Honeymoon Disease) with a clear vision of performing the finest high speed rock'n'roll. Rockard (hyper sonic drummer and elder gentleman) joined the band and soon along came bass man Chris (salmon aficionado and soda enthusiast) who became the up and coming rock sensation on everyone's lips. The band was completed a few months later with the addition of well acclaimed finger twister Olle (ex-Dead Lord) for total action bonanza!Their debut album will shortly be recorded and negotiations are being held about the release as we speak. To be expected in early 2020.Acid’s Trip are playing live and would be glad to explode every brain around with the sheer power of rock music! ROCK!

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08.12.20 - DE  Berlin Urban Spree

09.12.20 - DE  Leipzig Black Label

10.12.20 - DE  Göttingen Vinylreservat

11.12.20 - DE  Münster Rare Guitar

12.12.20 - DE  Oldenburg MTS